Wednesday December 17, 2014

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SPIN-Gardening is:

  • Production-driven
  • Organic-based
  • Post-harvest oriented
  • Multi-location in scope
  • Family and civic-minded

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Follow the Call to Good Eating...


Here's just a taste of the heaping helpings of how-to served up by the SPIN Online Support Group. You'll be invited to join, after you purchase any SPIN guide. 


This is real-time SPIN.

We can't all go back to the land, and most of us don't want to. But more of us are using backyards, front lawns and neighborhood plots to grow our own food. Some are motivated by principle, others by passion, and still others by pragmatism. The immediate rewards are great-tasting vegetables and lower food bills. Others, like good health, self-reliance, fellowship and community, seem to crop up naturally along the way.

Whatever your reasons, if you are ready to follow the call to good eating from your own garden, follow us.

Food Value Calculator

How much is your yard worth in food dollars? Use this free, easy calculator to convert square feet into food dollars.

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