Friday June 14, 2024

Turn your garden into a significant source of income with SPIN-Farming ®!


Learn how to produce a steady and dependable supply of vegetables that have all the quality of farm-grown and all the convenience of store-bought with SPIN-Gardening. We'll show you how to transfer the sub-acre farming techniques of SPIN-Farming® to your own garden to help you grow like a pro and process like a pro. Get ready to achieve levels of productivity and diversification that go far beyond conventional gardening practices.


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LEARN HOW... think, grow and harvest like a sub-acre farmer and create a complete end-to-end system that encompasses planning, planting, harvesting, post-production and distribution among family, friends or neighbors. To preview any of the learning guides, click on Preview to view a Table of Contents.

#1 SPIN-Gardening - Here's How the System Works

Use this guide to learn how to put a more productive and purposeful spin on your garden.

# 2 SPIN-Gardening Discussion and Action Guide

Use this guide to create an action team to conceptualize, champion and implement food production in your community.

# 3 SPIN-Gardening Home-based Model

Use this guide to see how a backyard of 2,500 sq. ft. can be turned into $7,150 worth of vegetables.

# 4 SPIN-Gardening Apartment-based Model

Use this guide to see how 1,500 sq. ft. of borrowed yard space can be turned into $5,800 worth of vegetables.

# 5 SPIN-Gardening Workplace-based Model

Use this guide to see how 5,000 square feet and a spare room can be turned into $26,900 worth of vegetables.

# 6 SPIN-Gardening Community Gardening-based Model

Use this guide to see how combined garden plots totaling 3,500 square feet can be turned into $8,330 worth of vegetables.