Friday June 14, 2024

Turn your garden into a significant source of income with SPIN-Farming ®!

SPIN stands for S-mall P-lot IN-tensive

It also stands for s-mall p-lot in-dividualistic because everyone implements SPIN in a different way. It is highly adaptable and compliments any other growing system. It transfers food production to backyards, front lawns and neighborhood lots and shows how to turn a garden into a significant source of food and/or income. A common denominator between both commercial and home and community-based farming operations, SPIN is both a call-to-good-eating and a call-to-farm.

What is SPIN-Gardening?

SPIN-Gardening™ is a do-it-yourself vegetable food production system that enables you to grow a steady and dependable supply of vegetables that have all the quality of farm-grown and all the convenience of store-bought. It shows you how to adapt the professional sub-acre farming techniques of SPIN-Farming® to your home outdoor space or community garden plot by working part-time or full time, working alone or with family, friends or a like-minded group. All that is required is a modest investment in gear and a radically new understanding of what it means to be a home gardener. Best of all, SPIN-Gardening can be implemented wherever you happen to live!

Who is SPIN-Gardening?

There is no one profile of a SPIN gardener. Some are high-minded and others are plain thinkers. Some are motivated by principles; others by pragmatism. Some seek purposeful exercise while others want lower food bills. What unites them all is a desire to re-identify with the basics in life and create a place for food production within their families, neighborhoods and communities.

How Much Space Does a SPIN Gardener Need?

The typical starting size of a SPIN-Gardening operation is 500 - 1,000 square feet and a productive land base can be assembled from multiple locations. If you don't have a big yard – or any yard – one of the ways to obtain prime backyard cropland is Craigslist! Average going rate is $100 per 1,000 square feet per season, water included.

So Is This a Movement?

A society not only must have its ideals; they must from time to time be re-constituted in a way that sparks our imaginations and guides our strivings. That is what is happening now. Across several countries, at countless sustainability forums, eco-expos and green gabfests, people are coming together to think things through again, make certain re-appropriations, create a new ideal. For many, especially those in cities and towns, this new ideal includes meeting more food needs locally. SPIN can help. While the last few decades have seen many last harvests as cropland was turned into concrete, SPIN is for those who will tend cropland amid concrete. May SPIN-Gardening pave the way for many first harvests...